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    Advancing Life Cycle Engineering
    from technological eco-efficiency to technology that supports a world
    that meets the development goals and the absolute sustainability
  • Dear CIRP LCE 2020 Conference attendees,

    The conference is now over. It was a great success because of your involvement in the scientific presentations and discussions. A web-conference is not a "normal" conference. If the scientific objective has been achieved, the social and networking objective that makes the conference unforgettable, is missing. I invite you to join physically the conference next year in Jaïpur, India, to take the full benefit of the series of LCE conferences and the CIRP community.

    I hope you will have the opportunity to visit us in Grenoble soon.

    Thanks a lot for the successs of the 27th CIRP Life Cycle Engineering Conference.

    Kind regards

    Prof Daniel Brissaud, chair
  • The CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) conference is back to Grenoble (France) in 2020. To quote a well-known saying, the house is still burning and we continue to look in the other direction… except at the CIRP LCE Conferences! The LCE 2020 conference focuses on the role that engineering must play in the achievement of the sustainable future that people wish.
    We must shift the focus of life cycle engineering from eco-efficient technologies to technologies, organisations and behaviours that meet the 2030 development goals (United Nations) and the absolute sustainability. New techniques and concepts like circular economy and artificial intelligence have a great potential for sustainability but still need to prove their capacity to transform products, usages and industrial processes. A special attention is for educational issues.
    We invite all the contributions that address those challenges. We look forward to receiving many interesting papers and welcome participants from every community from all over the world to join us in Grenoble.

    Daniel Brissaud, Professor
    Conference Chair

    31 March 2020
    Dear CIRP LCE 2020 participants,

    In those very difficult days for everybody in the world, we are now ready to announce that the CIRP LCE 2020 Conference will be held remotely on 13-15 May 2020 and that the publication of your papers in Procedia CIRP is secured.

    We will follow up with more details in a few days from now. At this point, we would just like to make the following essential announcements:
    1. CIRP LCE 2020 will be held on 13-15 May 2020, from CET 12:00 to 16:00, which should allow to follow the conference from everywhere in the world in a "(hopefully) acceptable" time frame.
    2. The programme is currently being reworked and adapted to these new time constraints.
    3. We will ask you to record and submit your presentations upfront the conference (detailed instructions and deadlines will follow).
    4. We will also ask each presenter to be available on-line at the time slot of his/her presentation streaming in order to answer questions submitted by participants on-line.

    We hope you and your family are safe and well in these challenging times.

    Best regards
    Prof Daniel Brissaud, Conference chair
    24 March 2020
    No significant evolution since the last update. We are working hard on a remote solution and the conference will be.
    Protect yourself and be happy at home!
    16 March 2020
    All the French universities are closed from Monday 16th March. We are following the French directives and we don't know how will be the future.

    The CIRP LCE 2020 Conference is expected to be held on 12-15 May 2020, in 2 months time. The conference will not be cancelled, nor postponed in respect to the scientific work done and the need for many researchers to present and for their work to be published. In any case, the publication in PROCEDIA CIRP will be achieved.

    For that, we are working on 2 scenarios:
    A- The conference will be held "as usual" even if some of you could not attend the conference and will be offered to present remotely.
    B- The conference will be held entirely remotely.

    This information will be updated every week.
    10 March 2020 - The CIRP LCE 2020 continues
    Grenoble in France is not yet affected too much by the COVID-19. We have no restriction at all in Grenoble because the risk is considered to be low by the authorities but nevertheless all arrangements are made to receive people safely.
    The CIRP LCE 2020 Conference will be held as expected on 12-15 May 2020.
    But, if some authors cannot attend the conference to present their results due to travel restriction measures in their country, we will manage presentations by video-conferencing system. In this case, the paper will be included in PROCEDIA CIRP of course.

    We will keep you informed of any developments in Grenoble.

    Best regards
    Prof Daniel Brissaud, Conference chair
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